Download GTA San Andreas (Apk+OBB) For Android

Like we all know. Rockstar Games is a very famous company in terms of games, which develops quite a lot of famous games such as GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption 2, Bully Anniversary they have created many such games. The most liked game out of these games is GTA 5.

GTA 5 game has been launched for only a few platforms so far such as Xbox, PlayStation for PC. But Android users also want to play such games on their phones. So in view of this, Rockstar Games launched GTA San Andreas on December 12, 2013 for iOS devices. And on December 19, 2013, this game was also launched for Android devices. 

GTA San Andreas is one of the great and much-loved open world game that came out long before GTA 5 and gained so much fame because of it. And this game was first launched by Rockstar Games on 26 October 2004. it proved to be the best open world game of that time. 

GTA San Andreas is an open world game where you can do whatever you want as the real world. Here you get to see a map, inside which you can see a city and many people with whom you can talk. You can drive a car, live in your house, whatever you would do in the real world, you can do it in this game too. Not only this, you also get to see a lot of missions in this game, which you have to complete here. And in this game you also get to see Cleo Cheats, with the help of which you can do anything like you can change your clothes or can spawn any vehicle

So, If you want to download and play this game on your Smartphone. then you can follow these steps or you can also watch the video which I have given below.

Features : 

• High Resolution Graphics

• Full Camera Movement Control With Dual Analogue Sticks.

• Three Different Controls

• Compatible With Wireless Controller

• Adjustable Graphics

• Visual Experience

• Well Optimised 

• Capable With All Device Also Android Version (10,11,+)

• Cleo Cheats 

Basic Requirements :

• Ram : 2GB Maximum

• Processor : A 1.5 GHz quad-core processor or better

• Some Free Space To Install

Apk : Click Here

Data : Click Here 

So now you can get this game without any problem.

Easy Steps To Get This Game :

1. First of all download the game (apk+obb) from given link

2. Install the apk

3. extract obb file

4. then paste obb file into (Device Memory>Android>Obb)

5. Start the game

6. Now you can enjoy the game

Thanks For Reading.