Download GTA 4 Mobile In Android

GTA 4 Apk Obb Data is another popular on-demand game for android users with the same franchise as sandreas, but when I was young I was addicted to vice feelings that I couldn’t leave. They recently launched GTA 5 for Android, where players from all over the world started downloading it. 

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The good thing is that not everyone can play the PC version of GTA 4 because Rockstar Games does not provide this version for Android and iOS users, so some good guys and Careful game modders decided to use it on the Android mobile platform.

Now you need a good Android phone with at least 1GB RAM, version 4.0 and above, with that you can easily install GTA 4 Apk along with Obb data without any problem.

While we are still waiting for the official version, some developers who like to see GTA 4 running well on Android have decided to modify it for mobile phones to run smoothly. If you don’t know how to set up this game on your device, don’t worry, I took my time and wrote the complete steps needed to run this game, even if you are a new user of an Android phone, GTA IV is a game that will not give you a problem to play, if you have access to all the necessary files in this article.

Rockstar Games is a gaming company that is widely known around the world, the games they produce usually gain fame all over the world from the United States to other continents.

Not only teenagers love to play their games but adults also want to be a part of the GTA mobile and PC trends as Grand Theft Auto presents high quality graphics that delight the players.

If it’s GTA games, you don’t have to worry because you’ll see a map in the upper right corner of your device’s screen to help you navigate the city and know where you need to try.

If you open the Google Play Store app or visit the official Google Play Store website and choose to search for GTA 4 Apk for Android, you will hardly get the original version and that’s where you download below on this blog.


Features : 

• New Vehicles

• High Graphics

• Cleo Cheats

• Bugs Free

• Fully Optimized

• Smooth Camera Angles 

• Missions

• Open World

• Big Map 

• Offline 


Basic Requirements : 

• Ram : 2GB Maximum 

• Processor : A 1.5 GHz quad-core processor or better

• Some Free Space To Install 

Tutorial Video


So now you can get this game without any problem.

Easy Steps To Get This Game :

1. First of all download the game from given link

2. Install the apk

3. Open apk 

4. Start the game

5. Now you can enjoy the game

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