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How to download GTA 5 on mobile? GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto V) is one of the most popular titles from Rockstar Games. You may have already tried it on your computer. But what if you can get GTA 5 Apk for your Android phone? Yes, you can play it on your smartphone too. On this page you will find GTA 5 Apk + Data which will allow you to play the game.

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We all grew up on the Grand Theft Auto series of games. Vice City is one of the most popular gangster games.

Remember? Yes, no one will forget that little town where we could do whatever we wanted. We have committed many crimes in all GTA games no matter what we play. They just released GTA.

GTA 5 was originally available exclusively for Xbox and Play Station, but is now also available for Windows and mobile phones.

Although not officially available on the Play Store, many third-party developers have adapted it for Android and iOS. You can play this beautiful high definition game on your mobile phone. It requires a high performance gaming PC setup due to the high quality image. As a result, no one can believe that it will work on an Android phone because it lacks the necessary storage capacity to load this game.

Well, this is just a legend. You can also play GTA 4 on your Android phone if it has a high performance processor. Also check out the GTA 3 app. It is not necessary to root your phone, although many people believe that PC games cannot be installed on Android without root access.

After reading this entire guide, you can install and run our most popular GTA game, Grand Theft Auto Five, on your phone.

Rockstar decided to make GTA 5 compatible with Android OS after witnessing a lot of interest from Android users. 

As a result, they created GTA 5 Apk and released it in beta form. It doesn’t matter if it’s a beta version; that’s enough for us. GTA 5 is a popular Android game that you can download and play on your phone.

The game has good visuals but you need a phone with good performance to play it. Don’t expect this to be the typical Android game you get from the Play Store.

You need to download GTA V Apk + Data + OBB which will take more than 3GB space on your phone. :-p Surprised? Maybe! However, you need to manage enough storage on your Android, that’s why I said earlier that you should try it on a high-performance phone.


Requirements to play GTA V Apk on Android

No regular Android phone will work with GTA V. You need a high performance Android phone to play this game. To install GTA V Apk on your smartphone, first download some important files to your device and then follow our guide. The first and foremost requirement is a good Android phone performance. 4GB + RAM

A CPU with at least two cores is required.

Android version: 6.0+

Features of GTA V game

If you have played GTA 5 on PC. ​​​​​​​However, if you are playing for the first time, we will tell you about the amazing features that this new game from Rockstar Games brings.

  • High resolution HD graphics are available. 
  • The player has good control over the game.
  • All characters, vehicles and game designs are unique and look real.
  • There is a unique vehicle operating system that surpasses all other GTA games.
  • It has many interesting missions and completing one of them will fuel your desire for the next one.

There are several new features that are exclusive to this version of the GTA franchise. After you play it yourself, you can discover more of its amazing features. There is no other game in the gangster series that matches GTA V. Now it’s time to show you how to install GTA V on your Android device.

Tutorial Video


How to download GTA 5 on mobile

1. First of all download the game from given link

2. Install the apk

3. Open apk 

4. Start the game

5. Now you can enjoy the game.


All fans of Grand Theft Auto series can download gta 5 for android with Apk file and data provided by us. It’s time to dive into the world of real-world gaming on your Android phone. No need to open the computer to play. Now you can play GTA V on your phone anytime and anywhere. This is an attractive game for all PC gamers. But now it’s time for all Android game fans to play GTA V.

Thanks For Reading.