Two Wheeler Insurance For Bike And Scooty

What is two wheeler insurance?

Two-wheeler insurance is insurance that protects you, your two-wheeler, and injured third parties against financial loss as a result of unforeseen events. As per the Motor Vehicles Act in India, one must have at least third party insurance for two-wheelers to ride on the roads. This effective compulsory two wheeler insurance can also save you from huge fines. A number of additional covers are available in a two-wheeler insurance policy. They are zero depreciation guarantees. 

How to buy two wheeler insurance online

Buying two wheeler insurance online with Quickinsure is easy and hassle free. 

Step 1: On the Quickinsure website, enter your rider number or simply enter your bike number. You can also provide details about your two wheeler like make, model, RTO, NCB and year of manufacture. 

Step 2: Compare the best two wheeler insurance offers from top insurance companies in India. Based on the information provided by you, you can choose the best two wheeler insurance plan from the best insurance companies in India. 

Step 3: Pay online, Pay your two wheeler insurance premium directly to your insurance company and get your policy delivered directly to your mailbox.

Types of Two Wheeler Insurance in India

When you plan to buy two wheeler insurance online with Quickinsure, you can choose from different types of two wheeler insurance. 

1) Comprehensive bike insurance

Two-wheeler comprehensive insurance covers third-party liability and damages for owners of two-wheelers and two-wheelers. Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance can be chosen from a number of additional covers such as zero wear and tear cover. These add-ons are very popular because they provide comprehensive protection against financial losses.

2) Third party bike insurance

Third party two-wheeler insurance covers third-party liability in the event of a two-wheeler accident. This type of policy only covers third party liability for death, disability and injury. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, third party insurance is mandatory when driving a vehicle in India. In this way, this insurance only protects you from financial liabilities to third parties.

What is two wheeler insurance add on? 

An add-on in comprehensive two-wheeler insurance is additional coverage for your two-wheeler at an additional premium.

Here are some two wheeler insurance premiums.

1) Zero depreciation cover in two wheeler insurance

Zero-depreciation insurance, also known as zero-depreciation insurance or bumper-to-bumper two-wheeler insurance, is two-wheeler insurance that protects you against claims based on depreciated value. This means that in case of a two-wheeler accident, two-wheeler comprehensive insurance covers only the depreciated value of the two-wheeler, but if you opt for zero-depreciation cover, it provides full coverage regardless of wear and tear. Most insurance companies offer zero depreciation cover for up to three years.

What does bike insurance cover? 

Here are the causes of loss covered by standard bike insurance.

  • Accidental damage or loss of two-wheeled vehicle. 
  • Covers losses incurred as a result of the theft of a two-wheeled vehicle. 
  • Damage or loss due to accidental fire. 
  • Damage or loss due to natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, etc. 
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Third-party damages, such as damage to third-party vehicles or property. 

What is not covered by bike insurance?

  • Standard bike insurance does not cover such causes of loss. 
  • Damage or loss as a result of war and similar situations. 
  • Injuries caused by drunk driving. Damage caused by driving without a license. 
  • Losses incurred while the two-wheeler insurance is not in force. 
  • Often worn.

Benefits of buying two wheeler insurance 

  • Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance Plans – Choose from a wide range of two wheeler insurance plans from India’s top insurance companies. 
  • Instant Policy – Get instant two wheeler insurance in your mailbox within minutes. 
  • Claim Support – Get support from our expert team for handling claims. 
  • Simple and quick process. 

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How to choose the best two-wheeler insurance for your two-wheeler? 

Factors to consider when buying two-wheeler insurance.

  • Type of Insurance: If you opt for third party insurance, your premium will be quite affordable. And the cost of a comprehensive plan may not be high. 
  • Vehicle IDV:- The IDV of a two-wheeler directly affects the two-wheeler insurance premium. This also affects the amount of compensation. 
  • Add-ons:- Each add-on has its own price and coverage, so the number of add-ons can significantly affect the price of two-wheeler insurance.