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GTA 5 is one of the most popular grand theft auto game. But Now it has been officially available on Android phones. Almost 8 years since its release. But GTA 5 community still love this game. GTA 5 Mobile increased their community more and more. It is an open world and online game. GTA 5 is currently Available on these following platforms:

  • Playstation 3
  • Playstation 4
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox 1
  • Microsoft windows
How to play GTA 5 in Mobile, gta 5 android,

The game is so popular so most of the people want it on their smartphone. Rockstar games is not yet ported GTA 5 Download to Android. It can be steamed on Android Devices via steam that emulates the Pc screen on Android devices. It’s Very safe and very simple. In which you don’t need to download gta 5 Mobile You can play through steam.

The laptop and smartphone must each be on the same internet connection. The bandwidth and latency among the user’s computer, router, and mobile phone will have an effect on streaming performance.

There are some access situations to be met regarding the gameplay on Android devices with using Steam link. You have to a pc/ computer compatible with GTA 5 Apk Download, uninterrupted internet connection and a better Smartphone furthermore, the device and pc should use the equal LAN. You must also have the sport to your Steam library. Have you bought the sport from some other platform, you must add an execution file to Steam.

How to Play GTA 5 on Android through steam link/How to play GTA 5 in Mobile 

Step 1: download Steam link into your Android phone from Google Play.

Step 2: Pair your device with the Steam app in your laptop. you may be requested to enter the authorization code. subsequent, you may play games with Steam for your cellular device.

Step 3: click on  “start the game, and the mobile smartphone and laptop screens will go into the mode Steam large photoā€¯. 

Step 4: pick out GTA 5 Apk from the library and click on “Play”. you may play using the touch controller or upload another controller. 

(Please note: the game have to be begun on the pc/ laptop screen to be performed on the mobile smartphone).

Tutorial Video


Stream link is an Application for both Android and IOS. User can start playing this game by downloading the app from respective platform like PlayStore and App Store for IOS. Steam link can be installed on your pc from the steam library. Gamers also make sure that their Smartphone is capable, good internet for and PC is capable for running GTA 5 Mobile.

Steam link mirrors a recreation from customers’ cutting-edge gaming laptop to their smartphones. The computer sends video and audio data to Steam hyperlink, even as the controller input is obtained in actual-time.

Steam hyperlink uses Steam faraway Play to offer real-time video encoding via a unique low-latency community protocol. advanced Settings allow gamers to excellent-song their streaming satisfactory and bit rate relying on their configuration.

Players also can utilize the best controller for best experience for GTA 5 Apk Download because the touch screens are not user-friendly.

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