How Do You Get Paid On YouTube

How do you get paid on YouTube

The growing creative economy has found many ways to monetize YouTube. While some methods offer a lower barrier to acquisition from advertising, they are not a substitute for quality content and an engaged audience.

If you can tap into your creative side and are willing to put in a lot of effort, you too can make money on YouTube. Here are some monetization methods to explore.

How to get paid on YouTube

1. Earn by advertising as a member of the YouTube Partner Program
2. Get involved in affiliate marketing
3. Make a brand deal with sponsors
4. Selling merchandise
5. membership offer

1. Earn by advertising as a member of the YouTube Partner Program

Let’s get it out of the way first. To earn money from ads, you must join the YouTube Partner Program. You cannot become a YouTube partner until your channel reaches 1000 subscribers. It also required a collective 4,000 hours of viewing time over the past 12 months. Check those big boxes and that opens the door to ad revenue.

Some additional requirements apply before becoming a couple:

1. Your video must comply with YouTube’s monetization policy.

2. You must live in a suitable place.

3. You must link your Google AdSense account.

Click the monetization tab in YouTube Studio to monitor your subscriptions and track your hours. YouTube will let you know when you can apply.

As a YouTube partner, you can earn money from ads, chat features, and YouTube Premium subscribers who view your content. In particular, in 2023, YouTube will allow YouTube partners to earn advertising revenue on Shorts. Shorts are YouTube’s short form of TikTok-like videos.

How many times does it take to make money on YouTube?

There is no charge for the video version. Instead, you get paid for the time someone watches or clicks on an ad shown on your video.

The Center for Influencer Marketing says that the average YouTube channel can earn about $18 per 1,000 ad views, although costs vary. When you factor in the rate at which Ads are actually viewed, that translates to between $3-$5 per 1,000 video views.

So when should you start making money on YouTube?

You will be paid when your balance reaches $100. Let’s say you need about 1,000 videos to earn $4 from viewers who view the ad. It takes 25,000 video views to earn $100 from that ad.

If you have a small channel, you can pay in just a few months. You’ll also want to familiarize yourself with how Google handles taxes on AdSense payments.

2. Get involved in affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can be the most practical way to monetize your YouTube traffic, especially if you want to make product review videos. Here’s how it works:

1. You find a company or seller with an affiliate program like Amazon Associates and apply to join.
2. Once this is accepted, you will use their process to create a custom link to the product you want to feature in your video.
3. Remove, review, or reference products from your YouTube videos and place affiliate marketing links in the description field when uploading.

As a brand affiliate, you earn a commission when viewers click on specific links and buy products.

Although Amazon Associates is a great way to make money on Amazon, there are other opportunities. Search affiliate marketing sites like ShareASale and ClickBank for potential affiliate partners and products. You can also browse your favorite brand’s website for information on becoming an affiliate.

Don’t forget to tell your viewers about the brand or brands you are involved with and direct them to the “attribution link” when you upload your video.

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3. Make a brand deal with sponsors

Companies interested in your channel’s audience can sponsor your video or offer product placement deals in exchange for audio, which we call brand deals.

The operative word here is “audience”, which means that this type of contract will probably appear when you create the following contract. As your channel grows, you can approach the brands you want to work with directly, or use resources like the aforementioned affiliate marketing sites to find corporate partners that complement your content style.

With brand offers, you can receive one-time payments, earn commissions based on sales, or receive free products or services.

Remember: If you endorse or feature a product in a video, you must notify YouTube by checking the box in your video details.

4. Selling merchandise

If you have a product or offer a service that is relevant to your audience, tell them about it and link to your video. For example, Marques Brownlee, creator of the popular tech review channel MKBHD, links to his shirts and accessories in every video he uploads.

Selling physical products may require you to purchase materials or find a manufacturer, but you can sell downloadable items such as e-books, artwork, or virtual lessons. Have a secure payment system before you start advertising your products.

Sales Incentives: Although it is more difficult to create your product than other companies, you can make more money this way because you will keep most of your profits as the product owner.

5. Membership offer

Membership models are another way to monetize your audience. In this way, channel fans pay a small subscription fee for premiums and/or special access levels.

Patron is a popular third-party membership platform. YouTube is slowly rolling out membership features to its channels, but you must be part of the YouTube Partner program to qualify. As always, more viewers means more revenue. Incentives like one-on-one video chats, private lessons, or other fees can entice viewers to become paid members.

How Much Money Can You Make on YouTube?

With millions of followers, breakout YouTube stars easily make seven figures to earn the most money. But even smaller content creators with a small following can make a decent income, even full-time.

According to Forbes, Steven John, the creator of the popular children’s channel Blipped, earned $ 17 million in 202Such success is more the exception than the rule.

According to Business Insider, Kelly Anne Smith, a self-funded YouTuber with 50,000 subscribers, earned $900 in March 2022.

Can Channel, author of YouTube Secrets and founder of the Think Media channel, advises new YouTubers to rely on affiliate marketing as the best way to stand out from the competition. In his 2021 video, he says you can make $500 a week with the right location and strategy.

Get readers and earn more money in the long run

YouTube offers opportunities for everyone, but it’s not a get-rich-quick platform. Making money on YouTube takes time, effort, and an engaged audience. The good news is, with a little motivation and a lot of practice, you can find a way to reach the desired 1000 customer mark.

Tutorial Video

1. The more videos you make and upload, the easier it is to hit your watch time limit.
2. The better you target your content to a specific audience or niche (eg movie posters), the more likely your audience will subscribe.
3. Thoughtful and interesting videos get more views, so it’s worth planning and producing.

Don’t underestimate the power of targeted headlines and standalone thumbnails to grab your audience’s attention.

Another way to make money

If you’re not making money on YouTube, consider these alternatives:

1. Want to try another video platform? Learn how to make money on TikTok.
2. If you are a gamer, check out how to pay on Twitch.
3. Do you want to clean the house? Try selling things online or make money on eBay.
4. If you are writing, consider blogging techniques.