GamesNow New Cloud Gaming App – Play All Pc Games On Mobile 2022

Cloud gaming is one of the most powerful gaming platforms. The craze of cloud gaming is increasing day to day. It is one of the biggest platforms for gaming. In cloud gaming, we can play our favorite game that runs on the server. It is a secure platform where you can play your favorite game without any problem. Cloud gaming also provides the latest games. In which we can play the latest games. Video games are popular day to day. It is a growing industry. In which we can play games on the server that provide a real-time environment to the user. It is not like movies and TV’s because it takes some buffer to play. But if we talk about cloud gaming its totally depends on the user environment like pressing button etc. To play games on the cloud we require high -a power, a little expensive pc. Cloud gaming delivers the best service to the user.

In cloud gaming, we can play a game remotely from the cloud server. Cloud means NETWORK of all data centers that deliver the gaming content to the user.

Cloud gaming is a little expensive but it also requires a high cost to maintain. That’s the reason for free cloud gaming.


Shadow is one of the best cloud gaming services. It is a shared cloud machine where multiple users can play games online. In which we can get a dedicated cloud gaming computer. It can deliver much more experience than other platforms. It provides better performance to the user. In Shadow, we can buy isolated resources. It allows the user to install a new application and customize it according to our requirements.


Netboom is also cloud gaming. In which we can not play on the computer but we can play in mobile mode. In which we can play without a laptop. people can use it not only for mobile phones. It provides high graphics, in which we can play up to 4K resolution. In which we do not need to install any game or application on our smartphone. It will do everything for you, but we need to select the game.

Vortex cloud gaming

In which we can play games on our old computers, TV, and even on our smartphones. It saves us lots of money, it does not require any expensive gaming laptop, computer, or console. All the work will be performed on the cloud server. Vortex can provide more than 90 computer games, but to play we need to install them. All the downloads will be performed on the server.


It is a gaming platform that allows us to play video games over wifi or an internet connection. It supports lots of devices like laptops, computers, and smartphones. It does not require any controller and screen. In which we can switch one screen to another screen. It provides a free trial to the user. But to access more, we need to buy the Pro version.


It is a streaming application in which we can play computer games on devices over a high-speed internet connection. It all depends on the internet connection. But it does not require much perfect internet connection 100kbps is better. To play games we need to log in and register. It provides more than  35 games. Our friends can also join us in multiplayer mode and we can play on our smartphones and computer.

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