Top 3 GTA 5 Beta Version Games For Android – High Graphics

GTA 5 is a very popular game and this game was launched by Rockstar in 17 September 2013. This game is the most popular game of the GTA series and the craze of this game can be seen till date since the launch of this game. When this game was launched, no one thought that it would become so popular in the gaming world. Rockstar made this game for PC, laptops and consoles etc. But in today’s time most of the people are using smartphones. This game was made for PC and console but this game has not been launched for Android users yet and that is why there are many Android users who want to play this game inside their smartphones.


Like we talked about above, Rockstar is yet to launch the GTA 5 game for smartphone users. But there are many Android developers who are making the same game like gta5 for android users. These games are not made by Rockstar officially. These games are made by Individual Android Games Developers so that users using android can also experience GTA 5 game in their smartphones.

These games are not exactly like real gta 5 but still these games are made in such a way that you can have the same experience as real gta 5 in your android device. These games are specially made for the people using Android so that they can play GTA 5 game easily on their low end devices and high end devices too. The characters, their home, weapons and a large map of Los Santos are seen in these games, just like in real GTA 5.


1.  GTA 5 Beta Version (1.0)

This game is developed by GKD Gaming Studio and this game is a beta version of GTA 5. This is an offline game designed for Android devices.

Game Features With Details

1. Good Graphics

2. Good Optimization

3. Car Spawn

4. Big Map

5. Franklin and Michael Character

6. Weapons

7. Different Outfits

8. Open World

9. Traffic and Many More.

Game Size = 800MB+



This game is developed by GameOn Budget.  It is an update of the GTA 5 Beta version, within which Street Race Mode has also been added and this game has also been specially made for android users. In this game you get to see realistic graphics along with high graphics and you can play this game offline.

Game Features With Details

1. Street Race Mode

2. High Graphics

3. Public

4. Franklin Character

5. Super Cars

6. Realistic Graphics Experience

7. Offline

8. Outfits

9. Open World

10. Lots Of Weapons

11. Smartphone

Game Size = 897MB



This game is developed by Yuri 3D World and this game is made like Real GTA 5 in which you also get to see the full map of Los Santos. And like other beta updates, you can play this game offline too. In this game, you get to see the public just like in real GTA 5. All the characters are available to see and along with you also get to see super cars and weapons here. 

Game Features With Details

1. Ultra High Graphics

2. Lots of Weapons

3. Franklin Character

4. Franklin’s House

5. Public

6. Traffic

7. All Vehicles like Supercars

8. Offline

9. Different Outfits

10. Full Map of Los Santos

11. Open World

Game Size = 212MB


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