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Techno Gamerz is a very famous Indian gaming YouTuber. His real name is Ujjwal Chaurasia and he is known for its GTA 5 series. The games played by techno gamerz are very much liked by the people in India and they also like to play these games. Techno Gamer was born on 12 January 2002 in Delhi. He belonged to a middle class family and in 2016 he created his own YouTube channel. Ujjwal named his first YouTube channel as Techno Gamer, on which he used to make videos of mobile related games. 

But after some time Techno Gamer started the game play series of GTA 5 game on his YouTube channel. And with the start of this gta 5 series, people started liking techno gamerz very much. Ujjwal showcased the GTA 5 gameplay as a story in front of the people, which people started to like a lot. 

In today’s time, the YouTube channel Techno Gamerz started by Ujjwal has become very famous and people have started liking it very much.  Today Techno Gamer also has 27 million subscribers on its YouTube channel. People are eagerly waiting for the GTA 5 game played by Ujjwal and he has made many episodes of GTA 5 gameplay. 

It is true that Ujjwal is much-loved for his GTA 5 gameplay.  But Ujjwal likes to play a lot of other games along with the GTA 5 game. He keeps trying different types of PC games like Minecraft, Horror Games, Story based Games, Battleground Games and Simulation Games etc. In today’s time, simulation games are played a lot by Ujjwal and the simulation games played by him are also very much liked by the people. Simulation games like Ranch Simulator, Car detailing Simulator, Internet Cafe Simulator and Power-wash Simulator etc. 

Most of the games played by Ujjwal are PC games which can be played only on platforms like computers or laptops. But whatever game is played by Ujjwal, his subscribers want to play the same game inside their smartphones as well. Because most people neither have a computer nor a laptop in which they can play games like Ujjwal.


There are only two ways to play PC games inside a smart phone.  First is Cloud Gaming Emulator and second is fan made version. Both of these are the best methods through which PC games can be experienced inside smartphones. Both these methods are very much used in today’s time.  When a person has to play a PC game he either uses the emulator or he plays the fan made version of that game inside his smartphone.


Cloud Gaming Emulator is an application that provides us cloud gaming service and with this we can play any PC game easily inside our smartphone. And not only this, through this cloud gaming emulator, we can control any PC from our smartphone. This application provides us with a virtual PC from which we can control the PC from our smartphone and can play any game or do any work in it that can be done in the PC.

In today’s time cloud gaming service is becoming very popular and such new applications are also coming which provide you Cloud Gaming Service through cloud gaming application. And to attract people towards it, this application also provides free trial of some time to the people, which people like very much. These applications are very easy to use.  All we have to do is sign up here with our email id and after that we can use these applications. Whenever a new application is launched, it gives some time free trial to its new users, using which its users can play games for free.



Fan made games are fan made version of any PC game created by an individual android developer. These games are mainly made for smartphone users so that they can also experience any PC game in their smartphone. These games are not exactly like the real game but still these fan made versions are made in such a way that it has the same characters, map, vehicles and the same environment like the real game. 

We can play these games both online and offline and also many games we get to see multiplayer which we can play with our friends as well. These games are much less size than the real games and the requirements and specifications required to play these games are also much less than the real games. And in these games we also get to see the graphics option in which we can play these games from low graphics to high graphics and these games are also optimized very well which can run in any smartphone.

So now you can get this game without any problem.

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